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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to Twinkie Tush! :)

hi there :)  my name is gretchen.  i'm a work at home mama to 16 month old twins.  we've been cloth diapering since the babies were just over 3 months old and i have found i have a true passion for cloth.  i've recently developed my own pattern and my own line of one size bamboo fitted diapers: twinkie tush! :)  we're in the testing stages now but should have the line ready to launch officially in the next month or two!

in the meanwhile i'll be building this blog, which i'm really excited about :)  i want this blog to be a resource for all CDers.  i will include information about twinkie tush specifically of course, but i will also include some general info and some tips, tricks, ideas, and feedback based on our own experiences.

along the lefthand side of this post you'll see pages listed.  i plan to have several quick links there for specific FAQs about CDing and about twinkie tush.

thanks for stopping by and please follow us so you can see updates as things progress with the line and as i add more CD info here!

all the best,