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Thursday, October 25, 2012

October group custom drawings will take place this SATURDAY! :)

It's that time again! :)  Group Custom drawings for the month of October will take place on Saturday 10/27. The thread will go up on facebook at approximately 3pm EST and will stay open for 5 minutes only! :)

Click here for full GC process info!  Please note that we can no longer accommodate changes in snap set-up due to our production process.  All diapers will be made with standard twinkie tush materials and standard twinkie tush snap set-up! :)

Let me know if there are any questions by emailing groupcustoms@twinkietush.com.
Thank you so much!  See you Saturday! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The official twinkie tush mini group post!

What is a twinkie tush mini group? :)

At our stockings and occasionally via drawing, we offer 3 person mini group send your own fabric (SYOF) slots.  

The cost for a one size or little tush diaper within a mini group is $38 if the group has elected standard or non-specific centered bum cutting.  If a member chooses a teenie tush diaper their cost is $30.

The cost for a *SPECIFIC BUM CUT* or "FUSSY" mini group is $43 per OS or little tush and $35 for teenie tush.  Members must all agree that a group is either standard, non-specific centered, or specific/fussy.  If a mini group is a specific/fussy group the group name MUST contain one of those words, and in that same vein please keep those words far away from your group if you are a standard or non-specific centered bum group.  If you request even one specific cut you will be invoiced at the higher rate.

Please note the different fabric requirements for different types of cutting within a mini group, in "process" below.  Thank you!

The mini group deposit is purchased by one member.  The deposit is $38 plus shipping (the cost of one individual diaper.)  In the event that the member who purchases the slot elects to order a teenie tush diaper they will be refunded the $8 price adjustment.


All diapers will be made with the (single) KNIT outer print sent in by the group.  The 3 completed diapers will ship 4-6 weeks after receipt of fabric.  There is no limitation on the number of diapers per family within the group and there is no limitation on the number of groups you can participate in each month! :)

Each group member may choose either a turned or serged fitted cloth diaper.  Each member may choose one size, little tush, or teenie tush.  All velour will be uniform among the 3 diapers.  If your group chooses cotton velour and has a color preference, please communicate it via email when sending in group member info.  We will accommodate the group's cv color preference if possible.  If it is not possible, I will choose another color at my discretion.

All diapers will be made with standard twinkie tush materials and will have the standard twinkie tush fold-down rise snap set-up.

All fabric sent in for groups and mini groups becomes property of twinkie tush.

It is not required that you have a mini group formed before purchasing a slot.  You may choose to form groups before purchasing the slots, or you may purchase a slot and then invite 2 other customers to join your mini group (or simply purchase all 3 diapers for yourself).  Please note that group member information is due within 24 hours of purchasing the slot.

The group member who purchases the slot becomes the group leader.


After paying the deposit for your slot, please communicate the type of diapers you would like, as well as cv color preference if applicable, by emailing groupcustoms@twinkietush.com. Also please include your mini group name (which can be anything) and member info (name, email address, name as it appears in paypal, paypal email address, finishing style choice, and sizing choice).  This information is due within 24 hours of securing the slot so that we can begin to process your group order.  Please cc all group members on this email.

After we receive your email we will reply to all with payment links for all remaining group members.  Those individual payments will be due within 48 hours.

Mini groups will then need to send in a minimum of one yard of a KNIT print, minimum 58" width.  Please note that if your fabric arrives and is not of sufficient size we reserve the right to cancel your group order.  Please make sure to include your group name with your fabric, either on an enclosed note or in the return address field on your package label.

Please note the different fabric requirements for different types of cutting within a mini group:

- Standard cutting requires one yard of a KNIT print, minimum 58" wide.

- Non-specific centered bum cutting (ie we center an element of the print on each bum at our discretion) requires 1.5 continuous yards, minimum 58" wide.

- Specific or "fussy" cutting requires 2 continuous yards, minimum 58" wide.

- If your fabric is 55-57" wide, we require 1.5 continuous yards for standard cutting, 2 yards for non-specific centered, and 2.5 yards for specific centered bums.

NO exceptions will be made to these requirements.  Please do not email us asking if we can accommodate a 27" piece of fabric, or if we can get specific bums out of 1.5 yards.

The fabric you send in will become property of twinkie tush and any extra fabric will be used at our discretion.

All custom diapers will be made with the standard twinkie tush materials.  As I mentioned above, I will try to accommodate requests for specific cotton velour colors based on availability, should you have a preference. Snap and thread colors will be decided by me.

Mini group diapers will ship 4-6 weeks after receipt of your fabric!

This will serve as the official twinkie tush mini group post, so that we have everything in one place! :)  Should we make any changes to the process, we will edit this post to reflect them.

Thank you so much!

Today's stocking! :)

Good morning! :)  Here are some important notes about today's stocking:

Since we are not using preview mode in Big Cartel this week, you will not have direct links to specific items.  I would recommend using the following category links:  

twinkie tush night-night One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers: http://twinkietush.bigcartel.com/category/twinkie-tush-night-night-one-size-fitted-cloth-diapers

twinkie tush Simplify: http://twinkietush.bigcartel.com/category/twinkie-tush-simplify

At 2pm EST the diapers will appear and be available for sale.  Scroll down the category page to find your diaper.

Diapers will be organized as follows:

serged with cv inner
serged with OBV inner
turned with cv inner
turned with OBV inner

So in other words, if you are looking for Queen of Hearts with natural obv, turned, you would scroll until you see the Queen of Hearts grouping in the one size turned category and click on the last diaper in the series.

When you've found your diaper, follow these steps to check out:

- Once in the listing, click the “Add to Cart” button at the top of the item description.

- Once in your cart, please choose your country for shipping (either United States or Canada) and click “Checkout”. Clicking “Update Order” is not necessary as shipping will be automatically added in PayPal. Clicking “Update Order” will slow your transaction potentially allowing another shopper to secure the diaper so you need only click “Checkout” once your country is selected.

- This will bring you to the paypal portal where you will enter your paypal username and password to process payment. Once you've reached the paypal portal your diaper is secure for 30 minutes.  However, if you linger too long in paypal your session can time out and you will lose your cart contents.

- Once in paypal, please complete all payment steps to receive an order confirmation that completes your transaction.

Please note that the diaper is not secure until you have clicked the “Checkout” button and are taken to the paypal portal for payment. Once at the paypal portal, you have 30 minutes to complete payment before the diaper automatically relists itself (unless, as mentioned above, our pp session times out).

A few things to remember about Big Cartel stockings:

- We are not able to manually "dump" carts. We wish we were! 30 minutes is a very long time. On HC the carts dump at 10 minutes, for reference. If you cart a diaper you do not wish to purchase, we ask that you please remove it from your cart immediately so that another shopper can cart it.

- We are not able to see who has what in their cart like we are on HC. Therefore until payment is completed we will not know the fate of any given diaper and will not be able to assist with cart issues.

- In terms of longer term consideration, something to note about BC is that we cannot save listings, even on the seller side.  So you would not be able to refer back to listings as you have been on HC.

- If you live in the United States, only First Class shipping without insurance can be purchased on BC. Those who want Priority Mail and/or insurance are asked to email us within 30 minutes of checkout so that we can invoice you for the additional cost. Insurance is not required but is always recommended. We are very sorry that we cannot offer this option at stocking - we certainly would like to be able to.

- If you live outside of the United States: International packages including Canadian shipments can only be shipped via first class mail, no insurance. International customers outside of Canada should simply select Canada and then email us to finalize costs.

- Drawings are not available on BC and will be done on facebook. Keep an eye on the facebook page - I will let you know when drawings will be up!

Please let me know if you have questions!  See you in a few hours for stocking! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Some updates on mini groups, group shipping, and more!

In addition to sharing that the wish list will be reopening, I have a few other things to make you aware of today! :)

First, about mini groups: as we continue to increase our production capabilities, we are able to take on more mini groups than ever before, which I am SO excited about!  In order to further increase efficiency we will be following the same process and policy we now follow with large groups in regards to velour color selection.  For mini groups, all 3 diapers will still need to be made with the same velour (that part is different than large groups, where you can choose cv or obv individually).  When you send in your mini group information, please also include any velour preference your group has (eg "cv,any color but black," "obv", or "pink cv if possible").  I will always accommodate requests if at all possible!  If the color you request is not available or if it looks really off with the print I will let you know and I will go in another direction, but 9 out of 10 times I will be able to do exactly what you'd like.  As always, snap and thread colors will be decided by me.

Also re: mini groups, for the time being we're going to ask that you limit yourselves to participation in 2 mini groups per month per household.  This includes stocked mini group slots as well as drawings.  In other words, even if you don't purchase the slot yourself, if you are in a mini group it counts as one of your 2 per month.  We want to make sure that we are giving everyone a fair opportunity to secure a slot, without imposing too many limitations.  We will very likely lift this limit in the future, but I know there are a lot of frustrated customers who have been holding onto a yard of fabric and a group of 3 for a very long time.  Just like we work to make large group custom drawings fair, we want to do the same thing for minis.  :)  This begins this current month and goes by the calendar month (ie if you have not yet participated in a mini this month you can purchase 2 mini group slots on 10/31 and .2 on 11/7 but then you are out for November.)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this!

In the spirit of this intention of fairness, tomorrow (Saturday) morning I will be posting a newbie-only mini group drawing on facebook!  The drawing will run for at least 24 hours.  We ask that you only participate if you have never previously taken part in a *mini* group (you may enter if you have previously participated in large groups).  This was suggested by one of our customers and we thought it was a wonderful idea!  In order to ensure that only those new to minis will be participating, we ask that you form groups ahead of the drawing and list group members by first name in your entry.  Each group member may enter (for a total of 3 entries per group) and we ask that for this drawing you only participate in one mini group per household.  In other words your name may appear 3 times in the drawing thread, once written by you and once by each of your fellow group members.  Please identify your group by a group name when entering (it can be as simple as mini group Z or a more elaborate name if you choose). Again please let us know if you have questions about this!

A few other important notes:

1 - With groups and mini groups, individual shipping payments will now be made within 2 weeks of the slot being purchased.  If we are ready to ship your diaper (anywhere from 2-6 weeks, most commonly 4-6 weeks, after receipt of fabric) and you have not paid for shipping, we will send periodic reminder emails over a period of 3 weeks.  At the end of the 3 week grace period, we will refund the group leader for your individual diaper and we will offer the diaper for sale in our chosen method.  Thank you for your help in making sure we get diapers out on a timely basis! :)

2 - Along with our expansion and move into our new production space, we have had new patterns and templates made.  While our patterns have not changed in any significant way at all, you may notice a very slight narrowing of the front portion of the crotch in our one size pattern.  This very minor modification is based on the feedback we've received over the past 2 years.  You may not notice it at all, but I wanted to make mention of it! :)  Additionally, you may or may not notice a very slight increase in soaker length.  Again this is an intentional change based on feedback and is slight enough that you may not even see a difference.

3 - An update on twinkietush.com!  The site is coming along beautifully and we are incredibly excited for its launch!  We are getting closer by the day!  We have taken many of your suggestions and requests into account in its design and function, and our web developers have gone above and beyond in making the site more than we ever imagined it could be.  We will of course have more information for you as the site becomes ready for us, but for now I just wanted to share my excitement at its progress! :)

Thank you so much and have a beautiful Friday! :)

The twinkie tush Wish List will reopen this weekend!

I am so excited to share with you that we are about to re-open the twinkie tush Wish List!  This will happen sometime in the next 24 hours - keep an eye on facebook for the announcement! :)

Our last Wish List diaper was sent to a mama who wished for some girly goodness!  We sent a print which has yet to be stocked - a new personal favorite of mine!  <3  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see wished for diapers delivered to our fans!

I am practically giddy to open the list again and draw another winner!  Please read over the information below carefully for instructions, and check out the original Wish List post for info about how all of this came to be! :)

When we open the wish list, you may send an email to wishlist@twinkietush.com (please note the new address this time around) with your name in the subject field.  (Your name must be in the subject for your email to enter the drawing.)  In your email you must include the following information, using something similar to the format below:

Full name (again)
Current shipping address
Your wish!  This is where you tell us about your dream twinkie tush diaper!  It can be as specific or unspecific as you like. Please see the examples below for more info.

After we close the wish list (opening and closing times will be announced on facebook and the wish list will always be open for at least 24 hours), we will draw a name at random.  This may happen immediately or a few days or weeks after the wish list is closed, depending on our workload.  We will open that person's email and read about their wish.  If it is something we can do, we will make them their dream twinkie tush diaper!  We will cover all costs, including shipping, and we will not notify the winner that their diaper is on the way.  It will just show up at the winner's door! :)  We will always send a wished for diaper within 3 months of the wish.  Please make sure your submitted address is accurate and usable for up to 3 months after sending your email.  If you have a sudden change of address please email us with "WISH LIST - address change - (your name)" in the subject line.

Bear in mind that the less specific your dream twinkie tush diaper wish is, the more likely we will be to have the necessary supplies on hand! ;)  If you only say "When Pigs Fly with peach cv, serged", for example, we might have to draw another winner as we don't have that print on hand at present.  But if you say "When Pigs Fly with peach cv would be my ultimate dream twinkie tush diaper but I love anything with pigs or elephants!" we could defiintely work with that! :)  Here are some examples of wish list emails:

Name: Henrietta McSquire
Shipping address: 123 Smith Street, Walton, NY 16590
Dream twinkie tush diaper: Mollie with dark purple cv serged!  In addition to that I love all knit girly stripes and am especially fond of purple.

Name: Bilbo Baggins
Shipping address: 456 Smythe Street, Weston, CA 90782
Dream twinkie tush diaper: Any turned twinkie tush night-night

Name: Sven Svenson
Shipping address: 132 W 144th St. Apt. 3F, New York, NY 10030
We will be moving in November and our new address will be 120 W 146th St. Apt. 1A, New York, NY 10039.
Dream twinkie tush diaper: I like funny prints like Impossible Love and How I Roll.  I like serged.

You may only send ONE entry each time the wish list is opened.  If you enter multiple times you will be disqualified.  If you choose, you may use your entry on another's behalf, as in the example below:

Name: Betty Brown
I am nominating Melissa Shank for the twinkie tush wish list.
Melissa's shipping address: 698 Border Way, Lansing, MI 48901
Melissa's dream twinkie tush diaper: She has wanted Crush for so long now!  She prefers cv and turned.  If you don't have Crush I know she also loves Daydream, Spring Awakening, Honeysuckle Breeze, and Sweet Potato.

Please note - we will NOT be opening and reading any emails that come in for the wish list until we do the drawing.  Therefore we will not see what you write unless you win.  Please do not include anything in your email that requires a response, or that you need us to see at all. ;)  Please ensure that your name is your email subject.  

Please do not send wish list emails outside of the open time periods.  Any emails that come in outside of the time the list is open will be deleted.

We ask that only ONE entry per household is submitted each time the wish list opens.

You must be a fan of twinkie tush on facebook by "liking" our page in order to win.  This rule is in place only because, as I said, this is a thank you to our fans, both long time fans and newcomers! :)

You may enter every time the wish list is opened until you win! :)  Once you win you may not win again.

While it is not a requirement of entry, we hope that winners will share pictures of their dream twinkie tush diapers on the main fan page and/or fan discussion page!  We will not announce winners ourselves.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this and please do not send wish list emails yet! :)  We will open the wish list for the fourth time sometime in the next 24 hours!  Stay tuned to facebook for that announcement!

Thank you so much! :)