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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stocking day!

at 2pm eastern we'll be stocking 28 ready to ship diapers and 2 custom slots! :)  then at 2:15, 3 new woolies, applique T shirts by peanut & pumpkin, and for the first time - hair clips and headbands by Hello, Charlotte James!  (do you think i used enough links in that sentence? ;)

i am so excited to be working with kim from hello, charlotte james!  she is a super sweet mama and does truly amazing work!!  all of the hair clips and headbands stocked at the store were made from twinkie tush scrap fabric, which means we are working further towards our goal of using up remnants and also means these beautiful pieces coordinate perfectly with your twinkie tush diapers! :)

here are some of today's other highlights!

and a twin set! :)

remember, after this week we'll be taking a one week stocking break.  we will return on 7/6 for a harry potter themed stocking! :)

thanks so much and have a beautiful day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

stocking schedule update

first of all, happy father's day to all of the amazing daddies out there!! :)  lots of love from our family to yours!

i want to make sure to let you all know about any stocking schedule changes as far ahead as possible :)  i have a family wedding coming up the weekend of the 25th and will be out of town for a few days.  this will necessitate me taking a week off from stocking, so there will be no stocking on 6/29.  we will have our regularly scheduled stocking this wednesday (6/22) at 2pm eastern.  then we will then return on wednesday 7/6 (more about that stocking below!)  please note that this means wool will be stocking this week on the 22nd rather than the 29th!

additionally it is likely i will need to take wednesday 7/20 off from stocking, for a family vacation.  if i can get ahead of myself enough i will do a light stocking on that date but i can't promise that - i will of course update as soon as i am sure about what we need to do!

during any no-stocking weeks we will still be running our usual custom slot contests - so make sure to stay tuned here and on FB! :)

thank you in advance for your understanding about me having to take that time off - it is hard for me to take any time away from the work i am so passionate about but i am also really excited to spend some special time with my family :)

i also want to share some additional info about the upcoming stockings!  this wednesday there will be a few surprises that i am SUPER excited about!  i don't want to say too much until preview day tuesday so i'll leave it at that for now ;)  and on 7/6 we will be having a harry potter themed stocking in conjunction with the upcoming release of the final film!  being a HUGE harry potter nerd, i am having more fun than i can begin to explain planning that week's diaper offerings :)  in addition to the stocking you can expect to see a harry potter trivia contest or two on the FB page that week, so if you are as big of a fanatic as i am, make sure to stay close! ;)  (and if you're not, check out the stocking that week for custom slots and some prints that might surprise you!)

have a beautiful father's day everyone and thank you as always for your incredible support!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tonight also starts our first SYTYCD custom slot contest!

as you know, i am committed to offering as many custom slots as i can, and to offering them outside of stockings when possible so that more people have a chance to get them!  in that spirit, we'll be doing a new round of custom slot contests!  these will be built around so you think you can dance the way the last round was built around american idol :)

here's how it works!  tonight after the performance show, head to my FB page and comment on my status which will read something like "place your SYTYCD custom slot contest votes here!" with your vote for who is *going home* tomorrow. you can only pick one person and you have until tomorrow evening 8pm eastern to place your vote.

after tomorrow's results show we will make a list of everyone who had selected the correct person.  from that list a winner will be randomly selected via random.org.  the winner is offered the opportunity to purchase a custom slot.  the winner will be notified on my FB page by midnight eastern thursday night and will have 24 hours to contact me at twinkietush@gmail.com.  if they do not contact me within that time, a new name will be drawn.

please note that some weeks, 2 contestants are voted off.  in those cases, please choose 2 names.  if you are right with one contestant your name will be entered once and if you are right with both contestants, your name will be entered twice!

*     *     *

Here is the pricing information for custom slots:
Serged: $30 (only knits are recommended for serged diapers)
Turned & Topstitched: $32 for a knit print/$33 for a woven print
SYOF serged: $28
SYOF T&T: $30
Shipping is $4.50 for first class, $6 for priority mail, and $1.60 for insurance (which is recommended - please see my shipping policies here.)

Custom print availability can be found here, and new things are being added all the time so if you don't see what you love, you can always ask if it is available!

*     *     *

if no one is correct with their contest vote i will make a list of everyone that participated in the contest and select a winner from that list via random.org. :) 

let me know if you have any questions about this, and have fun!!

stocking tonight at 8pm eastern!

tonight i'll be stocking 23 ready to ship diapers, 2 custom slots, and 4 diaper/dress sets, a collaboration with april of hazelbee baby!  here are a few of the things i'm most excited about:

i'm so excited about the collaboration with hazelbee baby and i can tell you that there will be more collabs coming!  i'm working on something new with sara of peanut & pumpkin and i have another surprise coming at the end of the month!  it is my goal to keep bringing you exciting and exclusive special listings as often as i can - both for the enjoyment of the beautiful prints and in working towards my goal of using as much of my scrap fabric as i can, with the help of other work at home mamas!

i'm also working on something new myself - i eluded to it on FB.  i'm hoping to have something to show you in the next month or two!  i'm really really excited about it, and about everything that's happening at twinkie tush!  i have to pinch myself sometimes - i absolutely love what i do and i feel so incredibly blessed to be able to do it - it is beyond my wildest dreams!  thank you as always for your incredible support!


Monday, June 6, 2011

ready, set, GO! :)

it's time for another group custom!  please see the blog post below for the details and remember that ALL of the criteria listed therein must be present in your original email (including ccing group members) or i will have to go on to the next group email in order to be fair.  also if you have a locked spreadsheet, it is important that you UNlock it so that i can see it in order to secure the spot ;)  if your spreadsheet is not viewable i will have to move on to the next group.

thank you so much and remember - i will try to do one of these every month so if you aren't the first to respond this time please try again in july! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Detailed group custom information (information only - not a new slot quite yet ;)

Before I offer the next group custom slot, I want to make sure everyone completely understands the process so that you can be organized and ready to submit your group! :)  Please note that this blog post is strictly informative and I am not offering a group custom at this time (although I plan to in the next week or so! :)

This is how group customs work:

When I'm ready to offer a group custom slot, I will post it here on my blog and then I will post on my FB page.  After I post the group custom slot, I will accept the first email I receive at twinkietush@gmail.com that meets the following criteria:

*Anyone from the group can email me, as long as they are willing and able to serve as group rep (the person who collects payments from other group members and communicates with me about velour preferences, etc.)  The group rep is also responsible for forwarding information from me to the group as needed and assuring that the group is aware of payment deadlines, etc.  Please do not email on behalf of your group unless you are willing to take on the group rep responsibility.

*All members of the group must be copied on the initial email so that I can reach individual members if needed.

* A google spreadsheet or attached Excel spreadsheet or similar (please do not C&P in the body of the email) must be included in your initial email, containing the following information for each group member:

name, email, serged or T&T

If any of these elements are missing from your email I will have to move on to the next group email, so please make sure to read over that information carefully! :)
After confirming with the first group to respond, I will create a private custom listing on hyena cart which will need to be purchased by the group rep within 24 hours, after which it will expire and I will offer the spot to the next group in line.  If during this 24 hour period you need to swap out participants for any reason, that is fine as long as you keep me in the loop and as long as the private listing is purchased in full within the allotted time.  Once the spot is purchased it is reserved and you can send your fabric to me as quickly or slowly as you like!  The listing will include the cost of the diapers but not the cost of shipping to each individual group member.

After the group rep pays for the group listing, each individual group member will need to pay individually for their shipping cost.  This is not something that needs to be done to reserve your spot but it will need to be done in order for me to ship you your diapers ;)  This system is just to facilitate an easier and smoother shipping process on my end which means you getting your diapers more quickly :)  If I have not received shipping payments by the time the group order is ready to ship, I will send out a single reminder email to the group or to the group rep, who will forward to all group members.

After purchasing the slot, the group will send me (at the group's cost) 3-5 yards (depending on the group size) of the chosen print fabric and all diapers will be cut from that yardage. All other materials will of course be provided by me :) All velour and snaps will be uniform.  I will work with the group on velour choice (contingent on availability) and snap colors will be chosen by me.  Extra print fabric will be shipped back to a group member or members or donated for use by twinkie tush as decided by the group.  Please note that the cost of mailing extra fabric will be added to shipping cost(s).

Group size can range from 5-10 people.  I am not able to take on more than 10 at this time.  Each group member can choose between a serged or turned and topstitched diaper.  I do not recommend serging with woven fabrics.  The price for this SYOF order will be $28 + shipping per each serged diaper and $30 + shipping per each T&T diaper.

All diapers will ship out to the group members 4-6 weeks after I receive the fabric (pending shipping payments of course).

Please make sure to let me know here or via email (twinkietush@gmail.com) or FB if you have any questions about this, and stay tuned!  I am doing my best to offer a group custom every month and it's almost time for another one! :)

Thanks so much!! :)