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Sunday, June 19, 2011

stocking schedule update

first of all, happy father's day to all of the amazing daddies out there!! :)  lots of love from our family to yours!

i want to make sure to let you all know about any stocking schedule changes as far ahead as possible :)  i have a family wedding coming up the weekend of the 25th and will be out of town for a few days.  this will necessitate me taking a week off from stocking, so there will be no stocking on 6/29.  we will have our regularly scheduled stocking this wednesday (6/22) at 2pm eastern.  then we will then return on wednesday 7/6 (more about that stocking below!)  please note that this means wool will be stocking this week on the 22nd rather than the 29th!

additionally it is likely i will need to take wednesday 7/20 off from stocking, for a family vacation.  if i can get ahead of myself enough i will do a light stocking on that date but i can't promise that - i will of course update as soon as i am sure about what we need to do!

during any no-stocking weeks we will still be running our usual custom slot contests - so make sure to stay tuned here and on FB! :)

thank you in advance for your understanding about me having to take that time off - it is hard for me to take any time away from the work i am so passionate about but i am also really excited to spend some special time with my family :)

i also want to share some additional info about the upcoming stockings!  this wednesday there will be a few surprises that i am SUPER excited about!  i don't want to say too much until preview day tuesday so i'll leave it at that for now ;)  and on 7/6 we will be having a harry potter themed stocking in conjunction with the upcoming release of the final film!  being a HUGE harry potter nerd, i am having more fun than i can begin to explain planning that week's diaper offerings :)  in addition to the stocking you can expect to see a harry potter trivia contest or two on the FB page that week, so if you are as big of a fanatic as i am, make sure to stay close! ;)  (and if you're not, check out the stocking that week for custom slots and some prints that might surprise you!)

have a beautiful father's day everyone and thank you as always for your incredible support!

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