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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

stocking tonight at 8pm eastern!

tonight i'll be stocking 23 ready to ship diapers, 2 custom slots, and 4 diaper/dress sets, a collaboration with april of hazelbee baby!  here are a few of the things i'm most excited about:

i'm so excited about the collaboration with hazelbee baby and i can tell you that there will be more collabs coming!  i'm working on something new with sara of peanut & pumpkin and i have another surprise coming at the end of the month!  it is my goal to keep bringing you exciting and exclusive special listings as often as i can - both for the enjoyment of the beautiful prints and in working towards my goal of using as much of my scrap fabric as i can, with the help of other work at home mamas!

i'm also working on something new myself - i eluded to it on FB.  i'm hoping to have something to show you in the next month or two!  i'm really really excited about it, and about everything that's happening at twinkie tush!  i have to pinch myself sometimes - i absolutely love what i do and i feel so incredibly blessed to be able to do it - it is beyond my wildest dreams!  thank you as always for your incredible support!


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