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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stocking day!

at 2pm eastern we'll be stocking 28 ready to ship diapers and 2 custom slots! :)  then at 2:15, 3 new woolies, applique T shirts by peanut & pumpkin, and for the first time - hair clips and headbands by Hello, Charlotte James!  (do you think i used enough links in that sentence? ;)

i am so excited to be working with kim from hello, charlotte james!  she is a super sweet mama and does truly amazing work!!  all of the hair clips and headbands stocked at the store were made from twinkie tush scrap fabric, which means we are working further towards our goal of using up remnants and also means these beautiful pieces coordinate perfectly with your twinkie tush diapers! :)

here are some of today's other highlights!

and a twin set! :)

remember, after this week we'll be taking a one week stocking break.  we will return on 7/6 for a harry potter themed stocking! :)

thanks so much and have a beautiful day!

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