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Monday, February 28, 2011

one stocking down, one to go! :)

we have a split stocking today! :)  the 10am EST stocking was gone in a flash but there are 15 more diapers coming at 8pm EST!  i can't tell you how much i appreciate your support - it is amazing!  i just wish i could make enough diapers so that no one was left disappointed.

i am going to work on a way to amp up production over the next few months.  stick with me mamas (and daddies!)  we'll figure out a way to make sure that if you want a twinkie tush diaper you can get one! :)

and meanwhile, thank you again - i am truly humbled by your incredible support.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

previews are up on FB :)

check out my FB page for previews of all of tomorrow's diapers!

here are some of my faves....

and of course my very favorite! :)

i'm off to post previews at the store!  thanks so much for checking in!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a quick note about the 4 remaining je t'aimes

i have 4 je t'aimes in progress that will be ready on 2/28.  these will be my very last 4 as the fabric is no longer available.  due to the high demand for these i will be stocking one at each stocking on the 28th (10am EST and 8pm EST) and after the second stocking i will collect a list of anyone who wants to purchase a je t'aime and wasn't able to do so at the stockings.  (check facebook for more info on that after the stockings).  i will use random.org to select two people from that list and those two people will be able to purchase the remaining 2 diapers.  i feel that is the most fair way to do this since some people have higher speed internet, some people won't be able to be at the stockings, etc.

make sure to check FB for pics of the other 28 diapers in progress for the 2/28 stocking as well!! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

exciting news!! and a contest tonight! :)

i have decided that in march i'm going to be opening customs!  i'll have a ton more info on that as the time approaches, but i wanted to prequel the official opening of customs with a little contest tonight on facebook!

the way i'll be stocking customs will be different than the regular stockings have been.  i'm planning to stagger and offer a couple slots a day to give more people an opportunity to purchase them.  i have received a lot of emails about customs and i know there is a lot of interest, which means so much to me!  i wish i could take on every order but i will likely only be accepting 15-20 customs a month to start, in order to have time to keep up with regular stockings. :)

tonight's contest winners will have the opportunity to purchase a custom slot for either a T&T or a serged diaper.  pricing will be exactly the same as it is for the regular stockings.  so if you missed a diaper you wanted today, you could win the chance to order it tonight :)  i should be able accommodate a custom order for any of the diapers listed today *except* for knock out or grapefruits.  i may also be able to accommodate an order for other previously sold diapers - if you win the opportunity to purchase the custom slot just tell me what print you'd like and we'll make sure i have the fabric in stock! :)  (edited to add that je t'aime isn't available for customs since i only have enough fabric for a couple more of those and i will be doing special stockings for them due to the high demand.)

so - here are the details: tonight at 8pm EST i will post 3 twinkie tush "trivia" questions on my facebook page (one question at a time).  all answers can be found on this blog.  the first person to answer each question correctly will win!  (you can only win one slot though, even if you're first on all questions.)  winners can then email me at twinkietush@gmail.com and we'll get the orders placed!  these customs will ship in 3-5 weeks! :)

please let me know if you have any questions!  thanks so much!


thank you so much for another amazing stocking day!

i appreciate your support so much - there really are no words.  just thank you :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

previews are up! stocking tomorrow 12pm EST :)

after a super busy day, previews are up at the store!  this is our first big T&T stocking!!  there are 24 T&Ts and only 5 serged this time around.  remember that the T&T pattern is larger - higher rise and a little bigger all around.  we are loving it over here - M&D wear their twinkie tush T&Ts every day now and we are loving the roomier fit - especially on D who is a bit more of a chunk than her brother ;)

here are some of my favorites from tomorrow's stocking:

thanks so much for your support!! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sneak peek at what's coming on 2/15!

here's a look at some of the dipes in progress! :)

big news from twinkie tush!

i've decided to roll out turned and topstitched (T&T) diapers earlier than i planned! :)  they're coming in 5 days, at the 2/15 stocking!!  you'll notice a few differences between twinkie tush T&Ts and twinkie tush serged diapers.  aside from the obvious difference in edging (i'll get into a full explanation of what turned and topstitched means in a moment), you'll see a higher rise in my T&Ts as well as a roomier overall cut.  here's a pic of a serged dipe next to a T&T on my daughter to show you some of what i'm talking about:


and here's a pic of the diapers themselves to show you the size difference:

the 2/15 stocking will include a few serged diapers but the majority will be T&T!  i'm really excited about them!!

now to explain the difference between serged and T&T:  when making a serged diaper, i go around the edges of the diaper with a serger.  sergers are awesome machines.  they use multiple needles and multiple spools of thread to create the edging you see on serged diapers (or serged wipes or bibs or anything else!)  for my serged diapers i use 4 spools of thread and two needles.  the machine trims the fabric as it sews, leaving me with this look:

with my T&T diapers, i follow a similar process except that i serge the diaper inside out, leaving an opening so that i can turn it right side out.  after turning it, i go around the edges with a straight stitch on a sewing machine (this is the topstitching), leaving an edge that looks like this:

so why is one better than the other?  that comes down to personal preference as well as function.  some babies do better with a T&T edging, as the serged edge can irritate skin on some more sensitive little ones.  some people prefer the look of one over the other (the cleaner finish of a T&T vs the more decorative look of serging).  some people prefer the trimness of serged while others prefer the more fluffy T&T.  serged diapers tend to stretch more for a different fit than you might get with a T&T.  but for that reason T&Ts are often cut larger.  T&Ts can be less trim because of the extra fabic in the seam.

i hope this has helped explain some of the differences!  please let me know if you have any questions about twinkie tush T&Ts or about T&Ts in general :)