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Thursday, February 24, 2011

a quick note about the 4 remaining je t'aimes

i have 4 je t'aimes in progress that will be ready on 2/28.  these will be my very last 4 as the fabric is no longer available.  due to the high demand for these i will be stocking one at each stocking on the 28th (10am EST and 8pm EST) and after the second stocking i will collect a list of anyone who wants to purchase a je t'aime and wasn't able to do so at the stockings.  (check facebook for more info on that after the stockings).  i will use random.org to select two people from that list and those two people will be able to purchase the remaining 2 diapers.  i feel that is the most fair way to do this since some people have higher speed internet, some people won't be able to be at the stockings, etc.

make sure to check FB for pics of the other 28 diapers in progress for the 2/28 stocking as well!! :)

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