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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tonight also starts our first SYTYCD custom slot contest!

as you know, i am committed to offering as many custom slots as i can, and to offering them outside of stockings when possible so that more people have a chance to get them!  in that spirit, we'll be doing a new round of custom slot contests!  these will be built around so you think you can dance the way the last round was built around american idol :)

here's how it works!  tonight after the performance show, head to my FB page and comment on my status which will read something like "place your SYTYCD custom slot contest votes here!" with your vote for who is *going home* tomorrow. you can only pick one person and you have until tomorrow evening 8pm eastern to place your vote.

after tomorrow's results show we will make a list of everyone who had selected the correct person.  from that list a winner will be randomly selected via random.org.  the winner is offered the opportunity to purchase a custom slot.  the winner will be notified on my FB page by midnight eastern thursday night and will have 24 hours to contact me at twinkietush@gmail.com.  if they do not contact me within that time, a new name will be drawn.

please note that some weeks, 2 contestants are voted off.  in those cases, please choose 2 names.  if you are right with one contestant your name will be entered once and if you are right with both contestants, your name will be entered twice!

*     *     *

Here is the pricing information for custom slots:
Serged: $30 (only knits are recommended for serged diapers)
Turned & Topstitched: $32 for a knit print/$33 for a woven print
SYOF serged: $28
SYOF T&T: $30
Shipping is $4.50 for first class, $6 for priority mail, and $1.60 for insurance (which is recommended - please see my shipping policies here.)

Custom print availability can be found here, and new things are being added all the time so if you don't see what you love, you can always ask if it is available!

*     *     *

if no one is correct with their contest vote i will make a list of everyone that participated in the contest and select a winner from that list via random.org. :) 

let me know if you have any questions about this, and have fun!!

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