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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

big things are coming this friday!!

at friday's stocking you are going to be seeing some new things from twinkie tush!  you can see the categories in place now on the store :)  there will be some beautiful woolies by our new knitting wonder, jen!  and some adorable T shirts to coordinate with your twinkie tush diapers by the brilliant sara of peanut & pumpkin.

jen has been knitting soakers and longies since her kids were in diapers.  she developed her own patterns and designs over the years and now she is bringing her skill and her amazingly intricate and breathtaking work to twinkie tush.  we are thrilled to offer some of her woolies for the first time on friday!!  we will be stocking several ready to ship items.  here is a sneak peek...

sara of peanut & pumpkin is a twin mama who named her business after the nicknames she had for her kiddos, like me! :)  like jen and myself she started out by designing things for her children and found that she had a passion and a real talent for the work.  now she makes a variety of awesome clothing and accessories.  you can see some of her designs on her blog here!  she will be bringing her talents to twinkie tush as we partner to bring you coordinating applique T shirts!  we will be stocking several slots under the peanut & pumpkin category.  each slot will be for a custom T shirt like the ones you see below.  The listings will include information on what prints are available. :)

i am so excited about these two amazing women coming on board!!

stocking times for friday are as follows:

diapers will stock at 8pm eastern
woolies and peanut & pumpkin T's will stock at 8:15pm eastern

previews will be up tomorrow! :)


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