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Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming changes!

We have some big changes coming in the next few weeks, and we're working like crazy behind the scenes right now to bring these changes about! :)  For that reason we have a couple of stocking/custom schedule changes.  We will not be stocking on August 24th.  We will stock as usual on Wednesday 8/17 and after a one week break we'll be back on 8/31, at which point these changes should be ready to launch! :)  Additionally, we will not be offering any custom slots at next week's stocking, nor will we be having custom slot contests on the facebook page until September (with the exception of the photo contest of course!)  There will not be a group custom slot offering in August, but you can expect to see one the first week of September :)  twinkie tush night-nights will also begin stocking in September!

I will write a thorough blog post before the end of the month, detailing the changes we're making!  I want to give you a heads up right away that there will be a slight price increase, based both on our internal changes and on the continually rising cost of materials, most specifically bamboo and cotton.  I have always promised to be open about pricing decisions, and you can rest assured that any price increases are a direct response to a rising cost in materials and/or an increase in production cost and are not executed in order to increase our profit margin.  We only increase prices when we can't absorb those additional costs on our end and sustain the business.

Much more info will of course be forthcoming by the end of the month :)  We are really excited about the changes we're making and the direction we're heading in and we can't thank you enough for your amazing support!  I am grateful every single day for the opportunity to do what I do and I'm looking forward to making more and more twinkie tush diapers for you and your adorable little ones! :)

Happy weekend!  See you all next Tuesday for previews, and don't forget to enter the photo contest if you haven't already!! :)

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