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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stocking schedule for the rest of December

There is a lot going on at twinkie tush right now! :)  We are working on getting the little tush line ready to launch (this will be a variation on our older, smaller pattern and will be designed for the post-newborn to 25 lb range) and we are also working on developing our teenie tush pattern for newborn diapers!  Simultaneously, in line with our goal of continuing to increase production of our standard one size and night-night diapers, we have added a new team member!  We are thrilled to welcome Anne! :)  She joins Sara, Jackie, Jen, Mike and myself and is an awesome addition to team twinkie tush!

These changes are going to mean more diapers and more variety in the coming months, however they also mean some extra work right now.  With the Holidays approaching and Mike and I and the twinkies planning some travel and family time as well, we are needing to take a little time off from our normal stocking schedule.

Today there will be a regularly scheduled stocking, at 8pm EST.  Check out the listings here!  Next week, on the 21st, we are hoping to be able to do a light stocking and may include a couple of mini group custom slots as well! There will also be new ready to ship woolies and custom wool slots, as well as custom Hello Charlotte James slots! :)  More details on that stocking in the next few days.  Then we will take the 28th off.  We will return on January 4th, with a full stocking.  And in early 2012 you can expect to start seeing more diapers each week as we continue to increase production!

Thanks as always for your support! :) 

See you tonight at 8pm EST for this week's stocking!

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