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Monday, March 26, 2012

Another special charity auction

While we don't plan to run many charity auctions directly on our site, this month there happen to be 2 special causes we feel extremely strongly about.  A couple weeks ago we ran a March of Dimes mini group custom auction - see the blog post below for more information on that event.  With the incredibly generous bids put forth by the amazing mamas who participated in the auction, over $500 was raised for March of Dimes.  We are so grateful to have been a part of something so meaningful and can't thank Danielle, Kylee and Taina enough for their truly incredible generosity.

We are now prepared to hold another charity event, which will run from tonight through Wednesday night.  This set of auctions will be for the benefit of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  All funds raised, minus paypal fees and shipping costs, will be donated directly to the MS Society.

The following was written by Mike, to shed some more light on why this cause is so very important to us.

"My Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 30 years ago. As a young child, I didn’t really have a clue what that meant other than that my mom would need more help carrying in the groceries than my friends' moms did. And sometimes she would need to go into the hospital for a few days. As an adult, MS is still as puzzling even with all the research and studies they've done. MS presents itself in so many different ways. And for most it’s progressive. For my mom it first affected her right side; initially showing up as blurry vision, then difficulty holding a pencil, and then trouble using her leg.  She was a career middle school teacher for as long as she could stand in front of her class, and then a private tutor until that too was taken from her. As her MS progressed it spread through her body and today she needs constant care and attention.  She’s gone through several types of treatments including daily injections of potential slowing agents, but at this point nothing can cure MS. She uses a motorized scooter to move from room to room and needs assistance doing all the tasks I often take for granted.

My mom’s spirit cannot be matched. She brings her loving and incredible energy everywhere she goes. The day I married Gretchen, it was an honor to kneel in front of my mom with You Raise Me Up playing in the background in lieu of a traditional mother/son dance. My mom is truly my rock and has always provided me with what I most needed - a constant source of love and understanding that I would always be taken care of. Being a grandmother, or YaYa as she is called, brought an even greater zest for life to her. The proud YaYa doesn’t even begin to describe how she feels about M&D. She adores them beyond words. M&D feel the same way about her, and often wish I had a chair they could ride around on. :) While MS has made it impossible to do some of the traditional YaYa things I know my mom wishes to no end she could do, she showers her grandchildren with never-ending love and support.

She is the reason why the national MS Society has such an important place in our hearts and we are honored to take a part in raising funds and awareness for this cause."

Since this event is so important to us, we are bringing back some favorites for the auction:

1 - Je T'Aime.  

This is probably my absolute favorite print, ever.  I have been saving some scraps of this fabric for almost a year, and have enough for what I believe will end up being 2 diapers, both seamed midway.  This diaper, with pink cv and a single seam as visible in the photo, will be up for auction for the National MS Society beginning tonight.  (The second diaper will not be auctioned, but will be up for drawing or stocking at a later date, TBD.)

2 - Any Colour You Like.  

This wildly popular and totally amazing print is another favorite which will make an appearance for this event.  We will auction a custom ACYL - you choose velour and finishing style (serged or turned).  This is a print which we also have plans to restock in the next few months, for those who are not able to participate in this auction.  

3 - When in Rome.  

This truly lovely print is a favorite of many and is even more gorgeous in person.  We will auction a custom When in Rome - you choose velour and finishing style (serged or turned).  This is also a print which we have plans to restock at some point in the future, for those who are not able to participate in this auction.  

4 - twinkie tush night-night 3-pack.  

This will be a slot for 3 semi-custom twinkie tush night-nights.  You can choose to coordinate with others for this slot or you can go it alone in order to build a stash of night-nights.  The diapers do not all have to be the same - we will try to accommodate velour choices and will ask that you give us your top few so that we can choose from what we have in stock.

5 - Custom slot.  This slot can be used for any single diaper - in stock, send your own fabric, or twinkie tush night-night.

Thank you so much for helping us make a difference.  We are so grateful to be a part of something so special.

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