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Friday, August 3, 2012

Impromptu photo contest of sorts

As we are getting further along into building twinkietush.com I am in the process of choosing an image for the new site's landing page.  We have a ton of amazing past photo contest entries that we are considering for the site, but I'd love a new, slightly different kind of shot for the landing page.  To that end, I wanted to share a quick impromptu photo submission request.  This won't be a formal contest with multiple prizes, but the winner's photo will be featured prominently on twinkietush.com and the winner will receive an Ultimate Dibs Pass (a Dibs Pass that entitles you to a FREE diaper on preview day!  More info below.)

We'll accept photos from now through August 15th, sent to twinkietush@gmail.com with "photo submission" in the subject line - that means just under 2 weeks to get your photo(s) in.  Then we'll share our top few picks on facebook and ask for community feedback.  We will not necessarily choose the photo with the most likes but we do want opinions to help us make the choice!  The winning photo will be the first thing you see when you go to twinkietush.com once the site is up and running! :)

Now, as for what kind of photo we are looking for: normally with photo contests we encourage entrants to play up the theme of their diaper, which results in some seriously awesome photos.  While we aren't discouraging you from that this time, we want the focus to shift a bit for this specific submission.  We would love to see photos focused on twinkie tush branding, nature, connection, peace, fun, or family.  I highly recommend taking your camera and your little diaper model(s) outside for this one, or using natural light inside. :)  Also, keep an eye on the diaper and make sure it is well featured since that will be something we're really looking for!

*Edited Monday 8/6 to add: the twinkie tush label does not need to be visible in your photo.  It is only important that the diaper is featured well in terms of branding.  A wide shot which includes more image space around the diaper model(s) (nature, a building, etc.) is totally fine!  We would likely lean towards choosing a landscape oriented image for the landing page of the site, rather than a portrait.*

For this contest there is basically no limit on the number of submissions per family (again very different from the usual!)  We are allowing this because we recognize that you may get several beautiful shots and won't be sure which one to send in.  So let's say no more than 10 per family. ;)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this - I know it's very different than our normal photo contest format and you may want clarification on some things.  I am reachable via email or facebook with any questions! :)

Thanks so much in advance for participating!  I am so excited to see what you send in! :)

Please note that we retain the option to use multiple photos throughout the site, both from these new submissions and from past photo contests.  The only photo that will receive the ultimate dibs pass is the one we choose for the landing page.  Over time we may rearrange photos.  Should your photo eventually be shown on the landing page that will not mean that you secure an ultimate dibs pass.  We will only award one (1) Ultimate Dibs Pass as part of this impromptu contest.

About the Ultimate Dibs Pass:

This is like a regular Dibs Pass, but entitles the winner not just to claim a diaper for purchase, but to take it home for free. You can use your Ultimate Dibs Pass for any stocked diaper within the next 3 calendar months including the current month (August, September, October). Further instructions will be provided to the winner. 

How do you use your Dibs Pass? A Dibs Pass is a way to bypass the stocking itself – you need only comment on a preview photo on facebook by 10pm EST on preview day with something to the effect of “I am going to use my dibs pass for one of these diapers”, and then follow up with an email to twinkietush@gmail.com so that we can show you specific cuts and velour options. You will then check out with a private link. (Certain prints may not be claim-able via Dibs Pass or Ultimate Dibs Pass and that will be stated during previews. Additionally with certain prints only one Dibs Pass may be used, on a first come first served basis. Again that will be stated along with the preview photos. )

Dibs passes are non-transferable and hold no monetary value.

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