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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The official "How do stockings work on twinkietush.com?" post! :)

How do stockings work on twinkietush.com?

Every Wednesday, we stock new diapers on our website, www.twinkietush.com.  Stocking times alternate between 2pm and 8pm EST.  Listings are visible by Wednesday morning and listings contain information about the exact time at which items will be available.

A feature that is unique to our site: there is no need to refresh your browsers when waiting for an item to become available either initially or from a pending status!  When you are on a specific listing's page and you do not see the Add to Cart button, three possibilities exist:

1. The item is not yet available.

 - If it's more than 1 hour from the available time, the date and time of availability will be posted.

 - If it's 60 minutes or less from the available time, there will be a countdown clock running. When that clock reaches 0:00:00, the Add to Cart button will automatically appear. Refreshing is not necessary! :)

2. The item is carted by another shopper.

- In this scenario, you will see the window of time in which the item may become available for sale again. If the item is not purchased by the original customer, the Add to Cart button will automatically appear. Refreshing is not necessary! :)

3. The item is sold out.

Refreshing your browser, while on a specific item's page, will in fact lessen your chances of successfully carting the item.

If you are viewing the “all items” page or a sub-category page showing multiple listings, you do need to refresh in order to see items go from available to pending to sold out.

Items with multiple quantities are listed in a single listing.  When an item has a quantity of >1, the listing will not go to “pending” until the full quantity is carted.

Once you have clicked “Add to Cart” and have been taken to your cart:

1 - Look at your cart carefully.  If you have successfully carted the item, you will see a running clock on the righthand side of the screen (counting down the 10 minute payment window).  If you do not see a running clock, it means that you have not in fact successfully carted the item, and that it is carted by another shopper.  In that case you will also see an error message in your cart, letting you know that the item is in fact in another shopper’s cart.  I know this may take some getting used to, but it was the best workaround we found in order to allow the dynamic clock and other key site features to function well.

Another thing to look at is the quantity you have selected.  If you clicked “Add to Cart” quickly and repeatedly, you may have inadvertently added more than one of the same diaper to your cart.  If you add more than what is available, the action will fail.  Again, in that scenario, you will not have a running clock.  The lack of a running clock means that the attempt to cart the item has failed.

2 – Once you have ensured that you have the correct quantity and a running clock in your cart, you are ready to proceed!  You have 10 minutes to complete your transaction before the carted item is placed back into the available inventory. A running countdown clock is present in your shopping cart, and a message providing a specific window of time that the item may become available again is shown on the listing page for all remaining shoppers.  You are ready to click “Check Out” and complete your order!

3 – Proceed with checkout as outlined in this flickr album!  Should you need to change your shipping address, you must do so ON twinkietush.com, as shown in the album.  Please also note that while multiple people can sign into the same account, the cart contents will not transfer from computer to computer or even browser to browser.  If you want to ship to another party you must change the shipping address on twinkietush.com and check out on their behalf.

A few other things to note:

- Item statuses are shown on the product main pages as well as the All Items page for quick reference. You do not need to go into the specific item page to see if it is available for purchase. However, as I mentioned above, these pages do need to be refreshed to see status changes.

- Past Items will now be saved and viewable in the Past Items category.

- Again, shipping addresses must now be changed during the checkout process on twinkietush.com - NOT IN PAYPAL. Once you reach PayPal, no changes should be made. Any attempt to change a shipping address or order information once in PayPal may result in your losing the item.

- If you haven’t already, please make sure to check out the flickr album we created to illustrate the checkout process.  Here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/twinkietush/sets/72157632180627116/

Please let me know if you have any questions!  You can reach us via email at info@twinkietush.com
Thank you so much!

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