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Saturday, August 23, 2014

We're taking custom wipes for a test ride!! :)

We’ve had tons of requests for custom wipes lately and we want to make them happen for you!!  We’ve been talking about the best way to set this up and we’re ready to give you the scoop on what we feel capable of adding to production!

At this point we will ONLY be offering custom wipes as add-ons within other groups (in other words, no wipe-only groups).  You may add them to your custom diaper group (mini or large), or your blanket or twinkie togs group!  And for now you may only order wipes in a group if you have also ordered another item (diaper, blanket or clothing) in the group.  (In other words, no wipe-only members.  For example in a custom diaper and blanket group, a member can order a diaper + wipes, a blanket + wipes, OR a diaper + blanket + wipes, but NOT just wipes.)

The minimum number of wipes a group member can order is 3, and the 3-pack of wipes will be shipped together (they cannot be separated into 2 or more packages).  If a group member orders 6 wipes they will receive 2 3-packs, etc.  The minimum total number of wipes a group can order is 6 (2 3-packs).

For any group containing wipes, there must be an additional column added to your spreadsheet so that group members can state the number of 3-packs they would like to order.  The column header must read "wipe 3-packs".  If a member writes "3" in their row, they are signing up to order 9 total wipes (3 3-packs).

The cost per custom 3-pack of wipes will be $9 plus shipping.  Wipes may be made with assorted velour, either OBV or cv at our discretion, or may be made with the same velour used for the diapers or blankets.  At this time we cannot accommodate any requests for specific velour backings for wipes.  Similarly, wipes may be made with the same thread color or different thread colors than the other group items, at our discretion.

Wipes will only be made with knit or minky fabrics at this time (swim and velour are fine).  Fabric requirements for wipes are ½ yard per 6 wipes, at a minimum 56” fabric width.  No exceptions will be made.  This yardage MUST be present in addition to your other required yardage (it can be continuous or a la carte).  We will measure fabric before cutting to ensure adequate yardage has been sent, and if it has not we will not be able to make your wipes.  

As always, any fabric sent in for group customs becomes property of twinkie tush.  Any remaining fabric will be used at our discretion.

Sometimes fabric that is sent in for group orders contains flaws, printing or otherwise.  We always do our best to spot any flaws and cut around them whenever possible.  However, sometimes flaws are missed.  twinkie tush does not take responsibility for fabric flaws on fabric that has been sent in for group custom orders.

Please note that, while we are excited about offering custom wipes and are thrilled to be able to do so, it may add a level of administrative, production and shipping labor that we find it is not sustainable for us.  We will be doing this on a trial basis over the next month or two and may reevaluate as needed.  Thank you so much for understanding! <3

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