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Sunday, January 16, 2011

important information about the 1/30 stocking

the next stocking will be sunday 1/30 at 8pm EST.  previews will be up by saturday night, the 29th.  i'll be doing a lot of restocks, and i'll be keeping your feedback in mind as i decide what to stock.  a lot of you responded on facebook letting me know what you'd like to see restocked and i also welcome feedback here!  i won't be able to do everything that's requested, i hope you understand. :)

we have a family vacation coming up at the end of this month - it's the twinkies' first trip to disney world! :)  what it means for twinkie tush is that every order placed between 1/27 and 2/5 (so including everything purchased at the 1/30 stocking) will be shipped on monday 2/7.  i'll post a couple reminders about that between now and then, and i'll include that info on my shop as well.

ok - time to get back to work! :)  thanks for checking in!


  1. How fun to be taking the twins to Disney!! :) I hope you share some photos, I bet they will be too cute.

  2. thanks liane :) i'm so excited to go! they're going to love it i think.

  3. Have a great vacation and get some rest yourself!!!