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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

another custom slot contest! :D

this is for the american idol lovers! tonight after the performance show head to my FB page and comment on my status which will read "place your AI custom slot contest votes here!" with your vote for who is *going home* tomorrow. you can only pick one person and you have until tomorrow evening 7pm eastern to place your vote.

after tomorrow's results show i will make a list of everyone who had selected the correct person.  from that list a winner will be randomly selected via random.org.  the winner is offered the opportunity to purchase a custom slot ($28 for serged or $30 for T&T, $2 less if you choose to SYOF, $4.50 shipping.)  the winner will be notified on my FB page by friday morning 9am eastern and will have 24 hours to contact me at twinkietush@gmail.com to place their order!  (sorry for the possible delay in announcing the winner - i will be out of town and can't promise i'll be able to announce it thursday night.)

if no one is correct with their vote i will make a list of everyone that participated in the contest and select a winner from that list via random.org. :)  if the AI contestant who is voted off is saved by the judges, he or she still counts as the correct person for the purposes of this contest and the winner of this contest will get free shipping on their custom order :D

let me know if you have any questions! :)

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  1. Hi Gretchen, I just found your blog and store through Amy Killila who is in my parent's Sunday School class. I guess my mom had told her I was starting to cloth diaper and she sent your site. Wish I had found you about 2 weeks ago! I just invested in approx 20 pocket diapers, and while I love cloth diapering, I didn't realize that the PUL in the pocket diap wasn't breathable and my little one has had a little bit of rash from it. The fitteds would have probably been a better option for us as I stay at home with her and we could have gone without covers! Might be worth buying some fitteds for at home though and just using a mix. I couldn't figure out how to email you, but here is my email address if you get a chance, shoot me an email. I would love to chat with you about how you have made green improvements in your home...we are trying to do the same! ashleycgentry@gmail.com. Thanks!