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Thursday, March 31, 2011

lots of updates and news today! :)

first off, thank you for another great stocking yesterday!  i am so sorry to those who were affected by the oversells - i wish that didn't ever happen.  something to keep in mind is that while HC gives you 10 minutes to check out, that includes any possible paypal lag time.  If you don't check out completely within the 10 minutes things get really wonky ;)  b/c the diaper is released back and someone else may cart it and pay as well.  so it's best to finish up in paypal within less than 10 minutes just to be safe.

i also want to assure you that i am actively looking for the right solution to amp up production.  i know it can be frustrating trying to get a diaper and i want to make more available as quickly as possible. :)

there are a few contest going on right now for custom slots:  

the photo contest is up and running on FB - today is the last day for voting!  winners will be announced tomorrow - full contest rules are here on the blog.

there is another american idol custom slot contest happening right now - you can participate today on FB!  entries are open until 7pm eastern tonight.  details here and entry thread on my FB page. :)

tomorrow i'll be doing a drawing for a (regularly priced) custom slot that is open to twinkie tush newbies only.  (obviously i can't know for sure if someone has purchased a twinkie tush diaper from another mama, i can only track the customers who have purchased from me directly.)  i will post tomorrow morning by 8am eastern on my FB page with the entry thread for this drawing, and will leave it open for 6 hours before doing the drawing via random.org.

in addition to the contests there is an auction starting april 4th for a twinkie tush custom slot here on from our hearts to yours on FB.  this auction will benefit an incredible little man - you can read his story here.

and lastly...

there are some REALLY exciting things coming to twinkie tush - wool will begin stocking in april, and i'll have a sneak peek at some other things in the next few weeks! :D

thanks as always for your incredible support!

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