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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fabric suggestion time! :)

i will be reopening my fabric suggestion offer for *ONE HOUR*, today from 1-2pm ET. i'll post a thread on facebook at 1pm and if you'd like to suggest a fabric, you can comment (on that thread only) with one link to a fabric you'd like to suggest. please limit it to one :) that means one print - not a link to multiple prints ;)  and please, no collections - be specific to keep it fair.

if you suggest more than one print, only your first suggestion will be "counted." also, this probably goes without saying, if multiple people suggest the same print and i order said print, only the person who suggested it first within the thread will be eligible for this offer.

i will choose at least one fabric to order, and possibly more. if i choose your fabric you will have first dibs on a diaper when i stock it! :)  that means you can choose to purchase a diaper from the batch i make with the fabric - it is not a custom slot wherein you can request specific velour colors or finishing styles.  i will try to announce which fabric(s) i am choosing to order by this evening.

please note that i am especially interested in boyish/GN print suggestions. and please note that any fabrics suggested before or after 1-2pm ET today are not subject to this offer. lastly please note that if i already have the fabric you suggested in stock or on the way, this offer does not apply.

have fun!  i can't wait to see your suggestions! :)

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