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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

group customs - fine tuning the process

as getting a group custom slot has become more competitive, we are working on finding the best and fairest way to fill each month's slot.  we definitely don't want to create a super stressful environment or encourage anyone to stay up all night waiting for a chance to nab the slot, as they feel responsible not only for their own success but that of up to nine other people.  so next month we may be altering the process a bit, although some key parts will remain the same.  for example next time i will plan to let you know a specific day on which the group custom will be offered so that you can be prepared without having to sacrifice other activities in anticipation of it.

we do not plan to stock the slot in the store, and here is why: for one thing, a store stocking comes down entirely to fast internet connection - something that the regular stockings require and which can be very frustrating for those without lightening speed connection.  with the custom slot contests and group custom slots we aim to offer opportunities to purchase twinkie tush diapers outside of the stocking environment.

in addition, if a person is in multiple groups and secures the custom slot via a stocking rather than via email, they can then choose which group to go with, creating a potential for conflict and hurt feelings.  we have no way of mandating that people only be in one group.  the reason we require every group member to be cced in the initial group custom email is to prevent this very thing, as well as to create a much cleaner and simpler process for us, which helps a great deal with our own efficiency (and means more diapers overall!)

there are benefits and drawbacks to every method and there is no way to ensure a completely smooth and seamless process, but we are working on ways to fine tune this so that it's much more fun than it is stressful! :)

as always, any feedback is appreciated and please feel free to ask questions if you have them!  thank you so much everyone!

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  1. Gretchen, you are so sweet to care so much about making things fair! I wonder if sometime a random drawing may be worth trying? Maybe the first 10 or 20 groups to email you get put in and selected at random? Just a thought!