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Monday, October 25, 2010

amazing feedback from our testers!!

i am so thrilled to say that so far the feedback from our tester families has been extremely positive!!  here are snipets from a few of the tester mamas:

"Very nicely made – super soft"

"Amazing! These were so high in quality!"

"It was is uber heavy rotation around here.  It seemed very well put together. A flawless fluffy IMO"

"AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! and everything was SO SOFT. i think that is the thing that stands out to me the most."

"I would definitely define these as top tier fitteds"

at this point, since the consensus is incredibly positive and there isn't any consistent feedback about desired changes, i feel confident about the pattern i have in place! :)  so i am starting to cut fabric again - it's time to stock my store and open the doors!! :D  i will continue to update as things progress, but i hope to have some dipes ready to sell in the next few weeks!