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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two announcements today!

We have some big news for you today!!

For a very long time now you have been asking us to offer our now-famous FUSION hybrid fitted diapers with organic bamboo velour inners.  We have been listening and working towards this goal, and today we are ready to announce that OBV FUSIONs will be an option for pre-orders and customs beginning TODAY!  We will also begin to stock occasional prints in FUSION with OBV inners. :)

Meet our newest care label!

I will be updating the group custom and mini group blog posts over the next few days to reflect this change!  For mini groups all velour does still need to be uniform for the 3 diapers in the group (and the group may select OBV if they'd like!), and for larger groups each individual member will now have their choice of cv or OBV!

I also want to bring to your attention that for the first time in 4 years we will be applying a minor price increase to all of our diapers, including ready to ship, pre-order, made to order, and customs.  Over the past 4 years we have absorbed several material and overhead cost increases and grown our labor force from 5 to 14 employees without raising the price of our diapers.  It is very important to us to keep prices as low as we can while running an ethical made-in-America business, using the finest materials available!  But today, in concert with this exciting new incorporation of the OBV FUSION into our production process, we need to make this small adjustment.  Prices will go up a single dollar for all diapers, meaning SYOF custom slots will now be $37 ($29 for teenie tush), and all pre-order, In Stock Group Customs, and stocked diapers will go up $1 from $27-$48 to $28-$49.  This change will be effective immediately.

We have a pretty epic pre-order week for you this week (pics coming tonight on Facebook!), and we are beyond excited to be able to offer these amazing prints in OBV FUSION as well as cv FUSION, cv fitted and OBV fitted!!  Thank you for always sharing your feedback with us - it means the world to all of us here to be able to bring you something you've been hoping so very much to see!

I can't wait to see what prints you send in for SYOF OBV FUSIONs!!

Lots of love and many thanks!