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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Previews and some important scheduling info

We're all set for tomorrow's stocking at 2pm eastern :)  Listings will be up tonight - here is a look at what's coming this week:

This is also my Birthday week and I'm taking a few days off to spend time with my family. :)  We will not have a stocking next week, however next Wednesday, 10/5, we will offer another group custom slot!  We will follow the same process we followed last time - see details here.

So here's a detailed look at what's happening for the next couple of weeks:

Tomorrow, 9/28: Stocking at 2pm eastern (2:15 for wool)
Early next week (10/4-5): Current group custom and about 20 individual custom orders will ship out
Wednesday 10/5: Next group custom slot is offered (no stocking) - we will give a time frame so you won't need to stalk the FB page as much this time. :)
Wednesday 10/12: Stocking as usual, time TBA

We will also likely host another custom slot contest next week on FB - stay tuned for more info on that! :)

Thanks so much and have a great night - see you tomorrow!