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Saturday, March 1, 2014

About twinkie togs!

It occurred to me that whenever we’ve introduced a new product line, I usually write up a blog post about it!  I haven’t done that yet with our recently debuted clothing line, twinkie togs!  I’m excited to tell you more about this new line!

If you haven’t seen our Intro to twinkie togs photo album on Facebook, make sure to check it out!  And make sure to bookmark it for future reference, because as we add new designs we will add their photos to that album!

twinkie togs are designed by me, and are manufactured in our studio in Ithaca, NY, the same place we make all of our diapers!  

As you may know, we currently have 5 full-time employees who work with us to make our diapers: a cutter, 2 snappers, and 2 seamstresses.  We have recently added blankets and wipes to the production line-up, and now twinkie togs, so as you can imagine we are a busy crew!  In order to continue this level of production, we plan to expand into additional space within the next couple of months, and with that expansion we will be creating some new jobs as well!  We will be bringing on an additional seamstress, snapper and cutter, so that we can increase diaper production as well as venturing further into clothing production!  With that expansion you can expect to see things like larger blankets, undies, pants, and more top and dress options!  (All of this over the next several months.)

If you have been with us for a while now you have probably read my previous blog posts about diaper pricing.  I try to always be as open as possible about why we price things the way we do, and what you are getting, as well as who you are supporting, when you purchase from us.  I want to be equally open about twinkie togs! :)

Most companies do not choose to manufacture in the US.  There are some, of course, but they are few and far between.  The reasons for that are many and vary from company to company, but the bottom line is that it is more expensive to employ US workers and to maintain a production facility domestically.  Our employees are full-time (as opposed to by contract), with fair wages, and we are so grateful to be able to say that! :)  And while we stand apart from companies that outsource production internationally, we also stand apart from where we began, without employees and without the myriad overhead costs we have now.  The difference between my WAHM origins and where we are now as a company is staggering, and is one I never would have understood until we got here! 

I have learned so much about the complexity of running a business as we have continued to grow, and I am continually humbled and inspired by the lessons I learn!  We continue to strive to offer reasonable prices for all of our products, all the while balancing our overhead costs and fair business practices.  We also strive to offer products that are unique and made to extremely high quality standards, and we stand behind all of our work with the high level of customer service you have come to know and expect from us.  As a result you will see that our price points are higher than those of a one-woman at-home operation.  I want you to understand why that is, and to know that reasonable pricing continues to be very important to me.  As we further diversify the line, we hope to cover a wider spectrum of price points with some simpler options as well, but every price will of course be reflective of our costs.

I hope that helps to illuminate the pricing of the new line, as well as the production! :)  We are continually developing new styles and I can’t wait to show you more!  As always, words can’t convey my gratitude for your love and support!

Thank you so very much!