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Thursday, April 28, 2011

*saturday's stocking time has changed*

we're going to be stocking diapers at 11am eastern and wool at 11:15am eastern.

thanks so much!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it's wednesday! you know what that means... ;)

time for another AI custom slot contest!  details here!

i am busy working away on saturday's stocking - i have some awesome diapers to stock!!  there will be some beautiful new woolies from jen as well!

stocking saturday will be at 1pm eastern for diapers and 1:15pm eastern for wool :)

thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy earth day!!

today is a such a special day.  it is an opportunity to reflect on the beauty and blessings of nature - the elements we come into contact with every day that sustain us and make us thrive.  it is an opportunity to think about what else we can do to preserve our home planet.  we have so many choices within our power that will have a direct impact on our environment.  

as a maker of cloth diapers i am honored to participate in a sustainable and eco-friendly process and i want to honor this special day with a giveaway!  so today we'll be giving away a custom T shirt on my FB page! :)  

these awesome T shirts are by sara of peanut & pumpkin, using twinkie tush prints.  the impetus for our collaboration was a mutual desire to create something beautiful and to use fabric that was looking for a purpose - fabric pieces too small with which to make diapers but just asking to be made into customized appliques! :)  for this reason we feel it is the perfect earth day giveaway!

i will be posting an entry thread on my FB page momentarily and will leave it up all day - to enter, just comment with one thing you have done or will do today to help sustain the environment.  at 11pm EST i will draw a winner via random.org.  the winner will have 48 hours to email me at twinkietush@gmail.com with the following information:

1 - Size choice (available sizes are 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 2T and 3T)
2 - Child's initial (or a single digit number if you prefer)
3 - Applique print choice
4 - Shipping address

At present, custom T shirt appliques are available in the following prints:

Arr Matey, Bestest Friends, Big Splash, Bohemian Dreams, Born to Rock, Butterflutters, Cat & All That, Chance of Rain, County Fair, Cowboy Playdate, Dino Parade, Dino Space Jam, Elephantastic, Eleanor, Fierce Friends, Fish Bones, Hootie Cuties, Heat Wave, Hula Lula, Yearbook, Indigo Owls, J'Taime, Knock Out, Ladder Company Number 9, 10,000 Lakes, Lime Love Chickies, Lorelei, Love Letters, Lush Rush, Man’s Best Friend, Mermaid Song, Open Mike Night, Parasol Promenade, Rock and Rule, Skater Boy, Sky High, Spellbound, Sunny Side Up, Sweetest Love, The Food Fight, Hayride, Undying Love, Usual Suspects,Wisconsin Farm Life

the T shirt will be shipped within 2-3 weeks, directly from Peanut & Pumpkin via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.  all costs, including shipping, will be waived for this giveaway! :)

should the winner neglect to reach out with this info within 48 hours another winner will be drawn.

thanks so much for checking in and have a wonderful earth day!


Friday, April 15, 2011

stocking tonight!

diapers are stocking at 8pm eastern.
wool and peanut & pumpkin Ts are stocking at 8:15pm eastern.

so excited to have the new stuff on board!!  and super excited for the dipes - here are a few of my faves...

here's a peek at some of the amazing wool and Ts as well!

i've also completed the first group custom order...

things are busy over here!! :)

see you tonight at the stocking!  thanks so much for checking in!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

big things are coming this friday!!

at friday's stocking you are going to be seeing some new things from twinkie tush!  you can see the categories in place now on the store :)  there will be some beautiful woolies by our new knitting wonder, jen!  and some adorable T shirts to coordinate with your twinkie tush diapers by the brilliant sara of peanut & pumpkin.

jen has been knitting soakers and longies since her kids were in diapers.  she developed her own patterns and designs over the years and now she is bringing her skill and her amazingly intricate and breathtaking work to twinkie tush.  we are thrilled to offer some of her woolies for the first time on friday!!  we will be stocking several ready to ship items.  here is a sneak peek...

sara of peanut & pumpkin is a twin mama who named her business after the nicknames she had for her kiddos, like me! :)  like jen and myself she started out by designing things for her children and found that she had a passion and a real talent for the work.  now she makes a variety of awesome clothing and accessories.  you can see some of her designs on her blog here!  she will be bringing her talents to twinkie tush as we partner to bring you coordinating applique T shirts!  we will be stocking several slots under the peanut & pumpkin category.  each slot will be for a custom T shirt like the ones you see below.  The listings will include information on what prints are available. :)

i am so excited about these two amazing women coming on board!!

stocking times for friday are as follows:

diapers will stock at 8pm eastern
woolies and peanut & pumpkin T's will stock at 8:15pm eastern

previews will be up tomorrow! :)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's wednesday! time for another AI custom slot contest! :)

this is for the american idol lovers! tonight after the performance show head to my FB page and comment on my status which will read "place your AI custom slot contest votes here!" with your vote for who is *going home* tomorrow. you can only pick one person and you have until tomorrow evening 7pm eastern to place your vote.

after tomorrow's results show i will make a list of everyone who had selected the correct person.  from that list a winner will be randomly selected via random.org.  the winner is offered the opportunity to purchase a custom slot ($28 for serged or $30 for T&T, $2 less if you choose to SYOF, $4.50 shipping.)  the winner will be notified on my FB page by midnight eastern thursday night.)

if no one is correct with their vote i will make a list of everyone that participated in the contest and select a winner from that list via random.org. :) 

thanks so much for playing! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

it's time for another group custom! :)

to round out the new custom orders, here is one more opportunity for a group custom!

is there a fabric you'd really love to have a twinkie tush diaper made out of?  today i am opening a custom slot for one group of 5-10 mamas who want to coordinate with each other and do a SYOF (send your own fabric) custom order.

the group would send me (at the group's cost) 3-5 yards (depending on the group size) of the chosen print fabric and all diapers would be cut from that yardage.  all other materials would of course be provided by me :)  all velour and snaps would be uniform, as decided by the group (and based on availability).  extra print fabric will be shipped back to a group member or members as decided by the group. 

each group member can choose between a serged or turned and topstitched diaper.  the price for this SYOF order will be $26 + shipping per each serged diaper and $28 + shipping per each T&T.

i will accept the first group order that is emailed to me by your designated group rep with all group members cc'ed.  i will then create a private custom listing on hyena cart which will need to be purchased by the group rep within 24 hours, after which i will offer the spot to the next group in line.  once the spot is purchased it is reserved and you can send your fabric to me as quickly or slowly as you like ;)  all diapers will ship out to the group members 4-6 weeks after i receive the fabric.

i will keep this offer in place through the weekend.  please let me know if you have any questions!  thanks so much!

congrats to all of our winners today!

the winner of the AI custom slot contest was stephanie tweedy!

the winner of the new customer custom slot contest was rio sager!

and the photo contest winners were....

sarah cantara and baby daphne in first place - daphne is wearing je t'aime :)

beckie munson and baby evelyn in second place - evelyn is wearing love letters and her furry friends are wearing sweet dreams of pink and aloha baby. :)

and because i literally could not decide on second place, nikki godbee and baby lily in second and 1/2 place ;) - lily is wearing je t'aime. :)

thank you SO much to all who participated in all of these contests!!  they were tons of fun and of course there will be more on the way!