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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

restocking soon! 16 new prints on the way :)

i'll be restocking the store on the 30th! :)  between holiday baking and gift-wrapping and general prep i've been serging away!  i have 16 totally adorable new prints and i'll also be restocking some of the prints that have sold out.  make sure to stop by on the 30th!!  everything will be available starting at 10am EST :)


  1. Have you tried using these diapers with the Econobum covers? What covers to you recommend? We need to replace some of our diapers when our daughter arrives this spring, and we have several Econobum OS covers, so it would be awesome if they fit well with these dipes. Thanks!

  2. hi tena :)

    i haven't personally used that brand of cover but i think it would be fine! we use interlock wool soakers and occasionally blueberry coveralls (OS PUL covers). both fit great over the twinkie tush dipes. if the econobum covers fit well over other fitteds you should be golden!

    thanks mama! and congrats on your pregnancy :)