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Friday, December 10, 2010

a sneak peek at some fabric that's on the way...

there is a lot more than this - these are just a few of my personal faves :)

i'm planning to restock by the end of the month if possible! :)  more twinkie tush dipes for 2010!!


  1. I am having twins in May. I can't wait to find out waht we are having next Friday so I can order some cute diapers!! About how many diapers you have in your newborn stash for two?

  2. Jendbp81- that is so exciting!! For a nb stash I'd recommend around 24 dipes per baby. One size diapers like twinkie tush OS fitteds will take you from around 10-35 lbs, but you'll need nb sized dipes to get you started with tiny newbies :) I will have nb sizes in my line soon. Def by may! ;) so excited for you & thrilled to meet another cding twin mama!