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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This week's stocking - lots of important info! :)

Previews are up on facebook, and we're getting ready to try something new this week! :)

This week we will be stocking on Big Cartel instead of Hyena Cart. This will be a trial only, and we will ask for feedback after the stocking. After tomorrow and after reviewing your feedback, we will decide which temporary solution (Big Cartel or Hyena Cart) to stick with while we build our own website!

Tomorrow's stocking will be at 8pm EST. Here is what to expect:

- Diapers will go live at or very shortly before 8pm EST at http://twinkietush.bigcartel.com. Listings on BC must be put up manually, as there is no clock like there is on HC.

- Once the site is out of maintenance mode and goes live, you will need to click on the category “One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers” via the picture link on the home page or sidebar link on the right to see the listings.

- You will then need to scroll to find the diaper you would like to purchase and click on the specific listing. (We will preview exact diapers on flickr later tonight so that you will know exactly what you're looking for.)

- Once in the listing, click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the item description.

- Once in your cart, please choose your country for shipping (either United States or Canada) and click “Checkout”. Clicking “Update Order” is not necessary as shipping will be automatically added in PayPal. Clicking “Update Order” will slow your transaction potentially allowing another shopper to secure the diaper so only click “Checkout” once your country is selected.

- This will bring you to the paypal portal where you will enter your paypal username and password to process payment. Once you've reached the paypal portal your diaper is secure for 30 minutes.

- Once in paypal, please complete all payment steps to receive an order confirmation that completes your transaction.

Please note that the diaper is not secure until you have clicked the “Checkout” button and are taken to the paypal portal for payment. Once at the paypal portal, you have 30 minutes to complete payment before the diaper automatically relists itself.

Now that you know what the process will be like, a few things to remember:

- This is only a trial. There are positives and negatives to BC. The primary draw for us is that BC is better equipped to handle the number of attendees at our stockings. It is unlikely that the site will crash. That is a positive! :)

- There will not be previews on BC before stocking - that means you will not have a link to the exact diaper you are interested in purchasing. There are a few reasons for this change, the chief reason being that unfortunately the seller side of BC is not as flexible as that on HC. Every listing must be manually changed from "coming soon" to "available" - there is no way to batch edit. We are not able, at this point, to manually change every listing just before stocking. There are several other reasons for the lack of previews and we aren't able to handle this any other way while on BC.

- We are not able to manually "dump" carts. We wish we were! 30 minutes is a very long time. On HC the carts dump at 10 minutes, for reference. However if you cart a diaper you do not wish to purchase, we ask that you please remove it from your cart so that another shopper can cart it.

- We are not able to see who has what in their cart like we are on HC. Therefore until payment is completed, we will not know the fate of any given diaper and will not be able to assist with cart issues.

- In terms of longer term consideration, something to note about BC is that we cannot save listings, even on the seller side.  So you would not be able to refer back to listings as you now are on HC.

- If you live in the United States, only First Class shipping without insurance can be purchased on BC. Those who want Priority Mail and/or insurance are asked to email us within 30 minutes of checkout so that we can invoice you for the additional cost. Insurance is not required but is always recommended. We are very sorry that we cannot offer this option at stocking - we certainly would like to be able to.

- If you live outside of the United States: International packages including Canadian shipments can only be shipped via first class mail, no insurance. International customers outside of Canada should simply select Canada and then email us to finalize costs. This is identical to our HC process.

- Drawings are not available on BC and will still be done on HC. Keep an eye on the facebook page - I will remind you when drawings are up!

- We have also opted to keep Hello Charlotte James and twinkie tush wool on HC. There won't be wool this week but there will be new HCJ custom slots stocking on HC at 8:15pm EST! :)

- Please remember that this is a new experience for us as well! We have tested BC and its stocking process as best we can but nothing compares to a live stocking. There may be moments of frustration tomorrow for all of us, but we feel it is important to give this cart system a try! :)

Please let me know if you have questions, either here, via email, or on facebook, and thank you so much for sticking with us as we continue to work on finding the best temporary solution! We are close to beginning work on our own site and are extremely excited about that, but the site won't be built overnight. We will need to remain on a 3rd party cart until our own cart is ready.

Thank you as always for your support! See you tomorrow for stocking!

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