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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This week's stocking! :)

After our Big Cartel trial last week and hearing all of your feedback, which we appreciated so much, we spent much of the next few days discussing how best to move forward.

From the seller side, there are numerous ways in which Hyena Cart is a better fit.  The reporting and seller interface is much more along the lines of what we need in a 3rd party cart system.  We found many stumbling points in our BC trial - for one thing, it is not possible to offer priority shipping or insurance.  That creates a lot of extra work for us as we have to ask that customers email us to request those add-ons and invoice them accordingly.  In addition, we lose paypal fees on those add-on invoices that we would not otherwise lose.  That is just one of the several issues we encountered in working with BC.  Some of the problems are things that can be worked around, and some are not.

We love that Big Cartel can handle our traffic without crashing - that is a huge selling point.  And there are benefits to not showing items until they are available - it puts everyone on a more equal footing.  However we dislike the 30 minute cart dump (which is unfortunately not flexible - if it were we would have set it for 10 minutes) and the lack of "pending" status to show which diapers might still be available as opposed to being in another shopper's cart.

We heard a lot of feedback, both on our facebook pages and via email, wishing that the two sites could be combined somehow into the perfect super-cart! :)  We wish that as well!  If only HC could handle the traffic associated with our stockings, and with a couple listing changes on our end, we could probably come close to that ideal.

Karen at HC has been tremendously helpful and generous with her time around our problems on her site.  This past weekend she went so far as to upgrade her server!  We feel that this warrants another attempt at stocking on HC.  We truly feel that HC is the best fit for us while we work on building our own site, provided that the crashing comes to an end.

So this week we will be stocking on HC!  We will run drawings starting at 2pm EST - one diaper in each print and one twinkie tush night-night.  There will be 8 total drawings that will run from 2:00-2:03.  You may only win one drawing.  If you enter and win multiple drawings you will be deleted as the buyer from all but one, at our discretion.  This is only to keep things as fair as possible! :)

Diapers and custom slots will then stock (go live for purchase) at 2:05pm EST.  They will be staggered by seconds and exact stocking times will be visible within each listing.

Again, diapers will not stock until 2:05pm EST.  Before that there will be 8 simultaneous drawings, from 2:00-2:03pm EST.

After all items have sold out, we will do our regular custom slot drawings.

We hope that this week's stocking will be crash-free and fun for everyone!  We will of course continue to evaluate the stocking process - we want to make things the best they can be while we work on a permanent solution.

Thanks so much and have a great day!  Make sure to check out previews on facebook around 1:30pm EST!

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