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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tomorrow's stocking - previews and stocking details

As I mentioned in the post below, we have been encountering more and more crashing and error code problems associated with the increasingly high traffic at our stockings on Hyena Cart.  While we pursue the ultimate solution, which will mean our own site along with a cart system that can support our needs, we are looking to another 3rd party hosting system as a temporary measure.  We'll have a lot more info on that very soon!  But of most timely importance, here is info about tomorrow's stocking, which will take place on Hyena Cart:

We will be using a combination of stocked listings and drawings this week.  Within each print there will be 2 drawings and 2 or 3 stocked diapers.  The stocked diapers will go live within seconds of each other, at 2pm EST (check listings for exact stocking times).  Then at exactly 2:14, the first round of drawings will run - one diaper in each print and one twinkie tush night-night.  These drawings will be open for two minutes only.  You may only win one drawing.  If you enter for and win more than one, we will re-draw at our discretion.  You will not be able to choose which diaper to keep.  For that reason we strongly recommend only entering one drawing.

After the first round of drawings is over, at 2:16, please take a moment to see if you are the winner and to decide if you'd like to enter the second round.  at 2:17 the second round of drawings will launch - again one diaper in each print and one twinkie tush night-night.  Again, please only enter for one diaper and please only enter if you did not win one of the first round drawings.  This second round of drawings will be open for 2 minutes as well.

After all of the ready to ship diaper drawings are completed we will post our regular custom slot drawings. :)

We hope that this (slightly complicated) process will allow for more opportunities to secure the diaper of your choice and will help to prevent site-wide crashes.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this process and please understand that it is not a permanent solution but only a temporary measure.

Previews are up on facebook and listings will be up by tonight!  Stocking is tomorrow at 2pm EST.

Thanks so much!

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