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Sunday, May 15, 2011

BIG news tonight! :)

first, i just want to say thank you to all of you amazing mamas and daddies and everyone else who gives such tremendous support to twinkie tush.  to say i am humbled by your support is a huge understatement - you and your children mean so much to me and i love having the opportunity to do what i do every day.  never in my wildest dreams did i expect to have such a huge response in such a short period of time.  in that vain, and because meeting your expectations is so very important to me, i have some really exciting news to share with you tonight!

we're making a big change... starting in 10 days, we're going to begin stocking the store every week!! :)  we'll be stocking every wednesday, beginning with wednesday may 25th.  specific stocking times will alternate for now but will likely eventually settle into a fixed slot.  i will keep you updated on that as things develop.

we are able to make this change in large part because we have hired a wonderful mama to work as our fabric cutter!  her name is sara w (not to be confused with sara d of peanut & pumpkin who makes T shirts to coordinate with my diapers ;)  she is a sweet and talented mama who is already bringing SO much to twinkie tush and we are beyond thrilled to have her on board!!  with her cutting all of the velour and fleece, along with some prints, i am able to add a lot of diapers to my workload.  i am still doing all of the sewing myself and will let you know if that ever changes.  mike is still handling the lion's share of the budgeting, inventories, and corporate organizational aspects of the business (in other words he is the left brain of twinkie tush and i am the right ;)  he also helps me with pinning fabric, cutting elastic, and a hodge podge of other miscellany including managing the shipping process.  it is a family business in every sense.  (M&D aren't pulling their weight *too* much yet but they are always happy to work as testers and they sometimes weigh in on new prints... they are both especially fond of anything having to do with elephants, monkeys or dogs.)

some other news that i mentioned the other day - beginning tonight (following tonight's stocking) you will see a slight price increase on twinkie tush diapers.  this is due almost entirely to the rising cost of bamboo and cotton fabrics.  our costs per diaper have gone up significantly in the past month.  that, coupled with bringing on sara w and the increased workload of weekly stockings, necessitates an increase in our prices.

going forward, turned and topstitched diapers will be priced at $32 for knit prints and $33 for woven prints.  serged diapers will be $30.  imported prints will see a similar increase based on the cost of each individual print (ranging from $35-$40).

twinkie tush wool will not see an increase at this point, and wool will stock once a month on the last wednesday of the month.  which means wool will stock again on wednesday may 25th! :)

as always, please let me know if you have any questions about any of this.  i can be reached at twinkietush@gmail.com.  again, there truly are no words for how much my family and i appreciate your support.  you are amazing.


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  1. Gretchen, you are awesome. I love how open you are about your business practices...it makes me want to support you even more! Congratulations on your success! You deserve every bit of it!