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Thursday, May 5, 2011

i think it's time...

for another group custom!! :)

is there a fabric you'd really love to have a twinkie tush diaper made out of? today i am opening a custom slot for one group of 5-10 mamas who want to coordinate with each other and do a SYOF (send your own fabric) custom order.

the group will send me (at the group's cost) 3-5 yards (depending on the group size) of the chosen print fabric and all diapers will be cut from that yardage. all other materials will of course be provided by me :) all velour and snaps will be uniform, as decided by the group (and based on availability). extra print fabric will be shipped back to a group member or members or donated for use by twinkie tush as decided by the group.

each group member can choose between a serged or turned and topstitched diaper. i do not recommend serging with woven fabrics.  the price for this SYOF order will be $26 + shipping per each serged diaper and $28 + shipping per each T&T diaper.

i will accept the first group order that is emailed to me by your designated group rep with all group members cc'ed, containing the following information for each group member:

name, email, serged or T&T

i will then create a private custom listing on hyena cart which will need to be purchased by the group rep within 24 hours, after which i will offer the spot to the next group in line. once the spot is purchased it is reserved and you can send your fabric to me as quickly or slowly as you like ;) the listing will include the cost of the diapers but not the cost of shipping to each individual group member.

after the group rep pays for the group listing, each individual group member will need to pay individually for their shipping cost.  this is not something that needs to be done to reserve your spot but it will need to be done in order for me to ship you your diapers ;)  this system is just to facilitate an easier and smoother shipping process on my end which means you getting your diapers more quickly :)

all diapers will ship out to the group members 4-6 weeks after i receive the fabric (pending shipping payments of course).

please let me know if you have any questions.  i will try to offer a group custom once a month if possible so if you aren't the first group to respond this time, keep an eye out in june!! :)  thanks so much!

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