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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the final AI custom slot contest begins tonight!

you all have made this AI season so much fun for me!! :)  i'm sad it's coming to an end!

for this final contest i will post a thread on my FB page like i've done every week, and if you want to play you can comment there - this time with your vote for who will *WIN* the show!

i will leave the comment thread open until 8pm eastern tomorrow (an extra hour this time ;)  after the results show we will do two drawings:

drawing one: everyone who guessed the correct winner will be entered in a random.org drawing for a regularly priced custom slot, per usual.  the winner will be announced and will have 24 hours to contact me via email at twinkietush@gmail.com to purchase the custom slot.  custom prices and print availability can be found here.

drawing two:  this drawing will take place immediately after the drawing one winner is announced.  again, everyone who guessed correctly will be run through a random.org drawing.  however to win this second drawing you also must have participated in at least one previous AI custom slot contest (we will cross-reference with our lists from previous weeks).  the winner of this second drawing will receive a FREE custom diaper, with free shipping!

happy voting and thanks so much for making this so much fun! :)


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