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Sunday, May 15, 2011

stocking today at 8pm eastern! :)

31 ready to ship diapers are stocking tonight at 8pm!  hope to see you there!

here's a look at some of my faves...

i've also had some really special fabric printed up and will be stocking 3 "signature" diapers tonight!

this is the twinkie tush logo, printed on organic cotton knit.  this fabric is sooo soft and sweet - i'm really excited about it!!  i only have enough fabric for a few of these so they will likely only stock twice.

while we're talking about the logo, i want to give a shout out to patience of pfw design who did an amazing job on my logo - she is incredible to work with and i have tons of love for her!!

that's it for now!  make sure to check back here tonight after the stocking for some pretty big updates!  i'll discuss the pricing increase i mentioned, and i have a big announcement to make as well! :)

thanks so much!


  1. Hi! love your diapers.... what is the name of the fabric on the top diaper in this post? I love it!

  2. thanks sarah! :) i found that fabric at girlcharlee.com and it's called "Paisley Floral on Cornflower Blue Cotton Jersey Knit" :)